Carling Technologies

There are few products that Carling Technologies hasn't turned "ON" and fewer industries that haven't turned to Carling for solutions. With ISO and TS registered manufacturing facilities and technical sales offices worldwide, Carling ranks among the world's largest manufacturers of circuit breakers, switches, power distribution units, digital switching systems and electronic controls.

A Series

Compact, temperature stable circuit breakers designed to handle full load amp applications. Great for OEM markets requiring general purpose circuit breaker. Sealed metal toggle option meets IP68 requirements for harsh environment applications.

B Series

The B-Series is for applications requiring extra insulation and tongue & groove half-shell constructions. It carries global safety approvals for spacing requirements. Ideal for power supplies, medical/office equipment and generator & welder markets.

C Series

Engineered for applications that require higher amps & voltage handling capability in a smaller package, the arc chute design allows for higher interrupting capacities of up to 10, 000A. Standard, metric stud or saddle clamp screw terminal options.

ST Series

Designed to comply with MIL-DTL-3950G requirements for environmentally sealed toggle switches. The ST-Series offers IEC 60529 IP68 sealing performance and complies with UL 61058-1 electrical spacing requirements.

G Series

DIN Rail mounted hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker with optional auxiliary switch. G-Series ensures maximum protection by integrating wiping contacts for longevity, a common trip linkage between poles, and a unique terminal bus connection system.


This breaker can safely handle high DC voltage applications, such as Datacom, PDU & UPS systems; power supplies & convertors; motor controllers; charging station; smart grids; renewable energy systems & more. UL 489, UL 489B Listed & TUV Certified.

MS Series

Designed and tested to operate flawlessly in the harshest of environments, Carling Technologies' MS-Series sealed toggle circuit breaker is ideally suited for COTS (commercial off the shelf) military applications.

N Series

High-performance N-Series hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker is ideally suited for the rigors and confined spaces of telecom and datacom power distribution units and rack systems.