GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the foundry leader in globally distributed capacity. We possess the depth, breadth and geographical diversity to supply the full foundry requirements of the largest and most diverse global semiconductor companies. Total capacity in 300mm and 200mm wafers is expanding to 7.0 million 200mm equivalent wafers, as described below.

  • Leading-Edge 300mm supply:Our leading-edge capacity is expanding to 2.4 million 300mm wafers annually across US, Europe and Asia, with manufacturing centers in New York, Germany, and Singapore. This offers a flexible and secure long-term source of supply that is unique in the foundry industry. 300mm technologies span from 130nm to 28nm and below.

  • Breadth of 200mm Supply:We have an installed base of 1.6 million 200mm wafers annually with a proven commitment to continual innovation and long-term supply. 200mm technologies span from above 0.5 micron to 130nm.